Swimming and water safety have been integral parts of the national curriculum for physical education in England since 1994. As a result, every 11-year-old should leave primary school equipped with the skills to enjoy swimming safely with friends and family. The curriculum outlines three key outcomes: safe self-rescue, swimming a minimum of 25 metres proficiently, and effectively using various strokes like front crawl and breaststroke. Despite these requirements, research indicates that only half of pupils meet the standards due to challenges such as cost, time constraints, and a lack of teacher confidence or understanding of the outcomes.

At SwimWithJo, we recognise the importance of meeting these curriculum objectives and ensuring that all pupils receive quality swimming and water safety education. That’s why we offer comprehensive packages tailored for schools, facilitating curriculum swimming while providing experienced teachers. Our aim is to support schools in delivering effective swimming lessons that meet national standards and empower students with essential life skills.

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